Different Shapes You Can Consider For a Diamond Engagement Ring

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Picking out a diamond ring for your intended proposal can be overwhelming. Not only is your budget a massive factor, but you will also find there is an assortment of designs that you can choose from. Moreover, you also have to pair the stone with an appropriate band. But one of the variables that take centre stage during the selection of a diamond engagement ring is the shape of the diamond. Fortunately, there are many excellent choices you can deliberate on to ensure that the ring will suit your future betrothed's style and personality. Below is a list of the different shapes that you can consider for a diamond engagement ring.

Round-cut diamonds

For aeons, the round cut shape has been the chosen style for diamonds the world over. This shape remains a popular option since it has an uncanny ability to enhance both the shine and the brilliance of the stone. So if your budget is tight but you want something to dazzle your loved one, the round-cut shape is perfect for diamonds that do not boast clarity.

Princess-cut diamonds

The princess cut may not be as old as the round-cut variety, but it is one of the favourite options in this modern age. Princess-cut diamonds are sought after for two main reasons. First, the cut goes a long way in maximising the brilliance of the stone. Second, a princess-cut diamond is capable of reflecting more light than the other types of cuts. Since princess cuts are available in either a square or triangular shape, the diamond will not emit light solely from the centre. Instead, the princess-cut diamond will radiate light from its corners too!

Cushion-cut diamonds

While some people like the sleek lines that the princess cut offers, other individuals prefer bevelled edges on their stone. And if your partner is one of the latter, then a cushion-cut diamond will be a perfect choice for their engagement ring. Cushion-cut diamonds are characterised by softer edges that make the diamond seem more classic without taking away from their contemporary appeal. Furthermore, cushion-cut diamonds are distinguished by large facets, which when paired with the bevelled edges offer high clarity and exceptional brilliance to the stone.

Marquise-cut diamonds

If you want to maximise on the size of your diamond and if you have a limited budget, then you should opt for a marquise-cut diamond. The great thing about this cut is that it offers the same sense of visualisation when you compare the size and the carat. As a result, even when you purchase a lower-carat diamond, you can be assured that it will stand out.

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