3 Top Attributes to Consider when Sourcing Ear Piercing Jewelry

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Fashion has grown by leaps and bounds, and this means that the ordinary client has easy access to all types of body jewellery, with ear-piercing being one of the most popular. Unfortunately, accessibility exposes people to substandard ear piercing jewellery, which leads to health problems. If you plan to venture into the jewellery business, you need to find a supplier who deals in quality ear piercing jewellery. This article highlights attributes to look for when sourcing quality ear piercing jewellery.

Jewellery Thickness -- The ear is a delicate part of the body and can be injured easily. Therefore, it is essential to source and sell ear piercing jewellery that has optimal thickness. For example, the average ear stud has a thickness of approximately 18- to 20-gauge. Ear studs that are thinner than this might tear through a client's ear lobes. On the other hand, studs that are thicker than the recommended gauge will pull down the ear lobe, consequently causing pain. Therefore, talk to a supplier to establish whether they stock ear piercing jewellery of the recommended thickness.

Non-Allergenic Jewellery -- As the name suggests, ear-piercing jewellery goes through the ears; therefore, there is susceptibility to contamination; consequently, the type of jewellery you source and stock matters a great deal. The reason is that ear piercing jewellery is made of different metals, some of which can cause severe allergic reactions. Therefore, deal with a jewellery supplier who supplies products made from surgical stainless steel, gold, platinum, silver, niobium, and titanium. Nickel- or brass-plated jewellery can cause allergic reactions to some clients, although it is cheap. 

Smooth Surface -- How many people feel the surface of an earring when shopping? Not many customers do so, and this can be dangerous. Any nicks or jagged surfaces on earrings will pinch and scratch the ears. Sometimes the dents can cause minute scratches, and your clients might only notice the problem at the onset of an infection. Carry out due diligence on behalf of your customers by thoroughly inspecting the surfaces of each piece of ear piercing jewellery that your supplier provides. Most suppliers are careful to provide jewellery with smooth finishes to ensure their customers have high-quality jewellery. Be sure to look for a supplier who will always make sure they provide you with thoroughly polished jewellery pieces.

For more information about what's available to you, reach out to ear piercing jewellery suppliers near you. 

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