3 Considerations When Designing a Custom Wedding Ring

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Many people eventually find out that buying a wedding ring is no easy task, given the research that is needed before making the right choice. One has to consider several factors, including colour, metal type, and quality, among others. However, instead of choosing an already-made ring, couples can opt for custom wedding rings. Such rings offer the uniqueness that is often associated with any relationship. Besides, you can open a whole world of possibilities when you opt to design your wedding rings. Here are some considerations to bear in mind when choosing a custom wedding ring.

First Things First

A custom wedding ring has a host of benefits. Such a ring reflects the personalities, values, and interests of a couple. Also, a custom ring is unique since it adds an element of personal touch. However, buyers should remember some trade-offs when creating such rings. For example, a custom wedding ring can be expensive compared to a traditional wedding ring because of its elaborate design. Additionally, the ring takes longer to design compared to a non-custom ring. Ideally, it can take a couple of months to translate your ideas into something that fits your finger. Moreover, a jeweller has more control over the ultimate design since they do all the legwork. Although it is a good thing for a jeweller to control the design process owing to their skills and experience, you should also be involved in the process. For example, you can contribute to sketching and choosing a metal for your ring.

Get the Right Precious Metal

Many couples make the mistake of concentrating on metal colour while giving less priority to the type of metal for their wedding ring. First, will you be wearing another ring other than the wedding ring? If so, ensure that the materials are an exact match to avoid contrast. Always pair gold with gold and palladium with palladium. Besides, different metals wear at different rates due to their diverse composition and metal properties. Second, consider the nature of your skin in terms of sensitivity. You don't want to choose a material that causes severe skin reactions, making a ring uncomfortable to wear. Therefore, always discuss with your dealer before selecting a precious metal for your wedding ring.

Finding the Right Jeweller

All your ideas of a unique wedding ring can just be that — ideas — if you don't get the right professional for the job. You should choose a jeweller that you know and trust. For instance, if you bought an engagement ring from a jewellery store, you can ask if they offer custom design services. Alternatively, you can ask for referrals from family and friends. Request a wedding ring designer to show you their previous work to get a feel of their expertise.

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